The Randolph Solar Project is a 800 photovoltaic solar project proposed in Charlotte County, VA.


Generally located south of Saxe, east of Randolph, and west of Wylliesburg. 

Project Size

An estimated 4,500 acres will be developed and fenced in to contain solar equipment. The Project currently has site control over approximately 21,000 acres of land, and the developed acres will be sited within that footprint (Site due diligence and permitting conditions will determine the final layout.) The overall project footprint allows for preservation of up to 6,850 acres of forested areas and wildlife corridors. Approximately 85% of the total project acres will remain outside the fence line. 

Construction of this $1.5 billion facility could begin Q2 2025. 

Electricity Generated

800 is enough to power more than 129,600 homes. Capacity, here measured in megawatts (MW), generally refers to the maximum output (generation) of a power plant. Capacity from PV systems may be measured by either their AC or DC capacity. PV modules produce direct current (DC) voltage. This DC electricity is converted into alternating current (AC). AC rating better corresponds to traditional power plant ratings.


SolUnesco is developing the project, including site diligence, local and state permitting, design and engineering, management of the interconnection process, commercial offtake, landowner relations, and community relations.A Virginia-based solar developer with thirteen projects currently under development or construction, SolUnesco has contributed over 1,600 MWs to the state’s energy pipeline. 

Local Impact

Randolph Solar will bring tax revenue, new jobs, increased revenues to local businessesand more benefits to Charlotte County. Click here for detailed economic and environmental benefits of solar. 

Randolph Solar - Initial Concept Plan

This is approximately 1,000 acres of the project and does not represent the entire facility.

Find out more about the project statuseconomic and environmental benefits, and debunking project and solar myths.  

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